Steven S Douglas - H.I.S.

Senior Hearing Instrument Specialist / Owner

Our Mission Makes the Difference

Hearing Aids Plus, USA in Fort Wayne was founded by Steve Douglas a Hearing Instrument Specialist (H.I.S) and hearing aid user since 1990.  In 1990 his mission became clear that life is so much more than just going to work and receiving a paycheck!  Helping others achieve a more fulfilling life through better hearing is the goal of his long-term career.  "Whatever it takes to help a person understand how much better their life could be with enhanced hearing is my goal". Steve has been known to say, "You don't know what you're missing because you don't know what you're missing!" So Steve lets his patients try hearing aids before they buy and walks them through the office and outside into real-life situations so they can hear and feel the difference. 

Because of his love for what he does, Steve created a hearing clinic that he would choose for his own mother, Thelma, and yes, she was a long-term patient of his when she passed at 92 years young.  Steve's father, Pastor Bill, was also a long-term patient at the clinic when he passed at age 93.  Both Bill and Thelma were burdened with Dementias but the use of hearing aids lessoned the symptoms so each could communicate with family and friends until their last day on earth.  

Meet Our Team

We are a full-service hearing practice of dedicated, experienced, Hearing Instrument Specialists, and their assistants.  We believe that working with our patients wil improve their overall lifestyle through better hearing. We are not tied to one specific brand of hearing aids but can choose from the best brands, makes, models, and options needed for our patients hearing success.  We work together with your entire family to help gain emotional support for best success with your new hearing aids. 

At Hearing Aids Plus, USA, each technician is certified by the Indiana Board of Hearing Instrument Specialists and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA).   We are governed by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and are trained to work with all brands, makes, and models of hearing aids. 

About Us

About Us

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