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Assess Your Hearing​​

  • Do you ask others to repeat themselves often?
  • Do you hear people speaking but don't always understand what they said?
  • Do you have trouble understanding speech in a noisy environment?
  • Do you turn up the television louder than others prefer?
  • Do you have trouble understanding on ​the telephone?
  • Do you have trouble understanding women and children's voices?
  • Do you have difficulty following a fast moving conversation?

If you answered "yes" to two or more of these questions, a full Hearing Evaluation with one of our Specialists is highly recommended.


What To Expect at the Hearing Evaluation​​​​

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You Don't Know What You're Missing, Until You Know What You're Missing!

​1 in every 6 Americans have a Hearing Loss. 80% of them do nothing about it. Men are more likely to have a Hearing Loss than women.​​
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​​​Receive an $500 Discount Toward a Premium Hearing System

Comprehensive hearing evaluation using pure air tone, bone conduction, and speech recognition, A comprehensive view of your ear canal.​​
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We are a full-service hearing aid practice of dedicated, experienced, Hearing Instrument Specialists, and their assistants.

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